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FURN, a musical project born of the creative union between vocalist Spyder Laurent and guitarist Erik Carlsson, emerged in 2014.  Beginning as a humble demo of three songs, it has since soared to worldwide acclaim, a touring electronic rock band whose ethereal melodies and pulsing rhythms captivate audiences worldwide.


In 2016 and 2017, FURN embarked on a journey to promote their debut EP, "Origins," and its accompanying singles "Origins," "White Flags," and "Threads," which reached the summit of the U.S. rock charts at #27 in early 2016.


After a brief respite, FURN returned, gracing the world with more of their otherworldly creations: "Illusions," "Scarlett," "Oblivious," and ending 2022 with another chart-topping hit, "Missionary".


Now in 2023 and as 2024 dawns, FURN beckons with the promise of more music, more shows, and an invitation to join.  More to come...



FURN copyright 2024


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