​FURN is a Los Angeles/Las Vegas hard rock band founded by vocalist Spyder Laurent and guitarist Erik Carlsson in 2014.  FURN started off as a 3 song demo project and has evolved into a worldwide touring hard rock band. With tours in 2016-2017 promoting their debut EP "Origins" singles "Origins", "White Flags" and "Threads" (which debuted on top of the U.S. rock charts (#27) in early 2017 ) and with two more singles to be released in the fall of 2018 from that record. The yet un-named follow up EP is due out in early 2019.  


Enthralling strong guitars and thought provoking lyrics, FURN pushes the envelope with an aggressive combination of rock and electronic music described as focused with a meaningful, contoured message. FURN continues to gain a following on all social media platforms, streaming radio services, and in a short amount of time, has proven itself  a serious up and coming artist in the entire music scene.

 --Anno Domini.



FURN copyright 2018


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